Standard Terms & Agreements for Rent All of Tampa

  - All rentals shall be on a Cash or C.O.D. basis, unless prior approval for credit has been made. All charge rentals are on a net 10 day basis. Any account past due shall be placed on a cash basis without notice. Prices quoted in our catalogs are one day rates unless otherwise noted. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  - Our rental prices do not include set up and knock down of tables and chairs. If this service is desired, arrangements must be made several days prior to delivery and pickup, with a special charge quoted.

  - On pickups where no prior arrangements have been made, and where equipment not knocked downo and assembled in one area, tables and chairs will be left until the next day, when a special crew can be scheduled. There will be an additional knockdown fee. Delivery and pickup will be at the lessor’s convenience. The responsibility for the equipment remains with the lessee from time of delivery and time of return.

  - Delivery must be made to and equipment must be kept in a sheltered location protected from the elements. In order to provide an efficient delivery service to all of our customers, we appreciate advance notice for delivery.

  - Our delivery routes are scheduled by the time of day equipment is needed and the distances and locations from our store. These schedules are preplanned so we can provide good service to everyone. We will provide unscheduled service when possible, at a rate to be determined by circumstance.

If the Client requests a special pickup on a Sunday, a Holiday, Early Morning, Late Evening, and if lessor agrees to such a pickup, a special charge will be made.

  - Tables and chairs will be delivered stacked, and must be stacked for pickup. China, silver, utensils, etc. must be returned clean and repacked in boxes, With exception of linen, we are not allowed to accept soiled items for return.

  - We charge a replacement cost for lost items and a cleaning charge for soiled items. A charge will be made for all boxes that are not returned.

  - No equipment may be taken apart or moved to another address/location unless lessor gives specific consent.

Thank You for your business!